Rollerbed Steamer

For highspeed continuous pretreatment.

  • Entry section with heated lip seal and horizontal fabric path for even liquor distribution
  • Central sections with tightstrand vertical fabric path
  • Dwelling section with pulling device, plaiter and reversing drum for plaiting on the rollerbed
  • Exit section with sensing blade, cloth tensioner and expanding unit
  • Spray nozzles for cleaning
  • Roof heating and rollerbed by-pass optional
  • Housing in self-supporting segment construction in ground-level or elevated execution with direct steam feeding
  • Take up of the plaited fabric at the outlet is always from the top, thus giving low tension, distortion-free fabric guiding

Working Width:  900-3400 mm

Fabric Content:

  • Inlet Section:  22,8/21,0
  • Center Section:  18,0 single feeding in; 27,5 double feeding in

Fabric Feeding on the Rollerbed:  max. 50 kg/m2

Steam Consumption:  approx 500 kg/h

Textile Non-Woven Rollerbed Steamer Information Sheet Textile Non-Woven Rollerbed Steamer Information Sheet
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