Innovative Products, Successful Solutions, and Competitive Edge
Kusters Zima Corporation has over 30 years experience in manufacturing custom equipment for customers worldwide. World-class technology and quality reinforce our ability to design, engineer, manufacture and assemble a complete production line or produce one single custom part.

Our experienced personnel, the key ingredient at Kusters Zima, allow us to provide top of the line products at the most cost-effective levels. In over thirty years of our company’s history, our philosophy of providing our customers with quality products and services delivered on a timely basis at competitive prices remains the same.

Our services and quality workmanship have helped many industries such as: wastewater, textiles, non-wovens, tire and rubber, food service, automotive, electronic, chemical and industrial machine manufacturing gain an advantage over their competition. At Kusters Zima Corporation, not only do we build custom machinery and parts for our customers; we build parternships through quality, reliability, commitment and dedication.


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