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ProTechtorâ„¢ XGT Vortex Grit Removal System »

Kusters Water has been directly involved in the design, manufacture, supply, start up and testing of the XGT vortex grit removal technology since 1984.
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Field Erection and Installation »

Kusters Water offers field installation and erection services for most of our products. We perform on both union and non-union project sites. Additionally, we regularly engage in design-build contracts with many of our clients, allowing for total treatment solutions.
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“Bolt-In” Replacement Drives »

Kusters Water offers the industry's largest selection of clarifier and thickener drives. Retrofit drives are available for all brands, including: EIMCO, FMC, SUBURBIA, ENVIREX, WESTECH, WALKER, AMWELL, INFILCO, NATIONAL HYDRO, DBS and others.
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Specialty Items »

In addition to our standard products, Kusters Water has the ability to offer specialty built components to meet the project requirements.
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Skimmers »

Hi-Tech offers a complete line of custom skimmers for use in water and wastewater applications. Typical applications include: Rectangular and circular clarifier basins, chlorine contact tank, oxidation ditches, Dissolved Air Flotation tanks, etc.
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Conveyors »

Spiral and Dewatering Spiral
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Controls »

Kusters Water offers a full line of custom built control panels.
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Odor Control »

Whereas other systems extract and treat odors, the Terminodour system is unique in that it oxidizes the odor at the point of the source.

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