CSO Screen

Regulations require that combined storm overflows are screened to remove floatables and sanitary solids before the excess flow is released to a water course. The Waste Tech CSO screen is designed with 4 mm mechanically cleaned bar spacings to prevent floatables bypassing the screen and retaining the solids which pass on to the wastewater treatment plant. This low cost, low maintenance CSO screen is a guaranteed solution to pollution of our waterways, rivers, canals, streams, and lakes.

Advantages and Benefits
Reinforced screen bar structure

  • No pretensioning – no bar sagging
  • No bar pinching of the tines

Duo-directional screen cleaning

  • Cleans screen area 6x minute at 10 FPM
  • Solids positively discharged every 24 inches

Dual weir overflow

  • Reduces healoss
  • Shorter weir requirements

All stainless steel components

  • (except cleaning combs of Tivar)

Extensive combined sewer experience

  • Heavy solids load vs. snowmelt or SSO
  • Core business is water and wastewater

American manufacture

  • Parts and service locally
  • Locally sourced components

Horizontal design

  • WTI offers screen openings of 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12 mm

Conservative design

  • 3 FPS velocity on clean water
  • 6 FPS velocity at 50% blinding factor
  • More screen area for the heavy solid loads

Lower HP requirements

  • Hydraulic cylinder centrally mounted
  • Better mechanical advantage
  • 1.5 HP required to operate

No integral overflow weir

  • Horizontal screen uses full effective area
  • No grit buildup and excess wear of tines
  • Lubrication not required on horizontal area


  • Special access walkway not required
  • Can walk on screen with vertical bars

  • Reinforced screen bar structure
  • Duo-directional screen cleaning
  • Dual weir overflow
  • All stainless steel components
  • Extensive combined sewer experience
  • American manufactured
  • Horizontal design
  • Conservative design
  • Lower HP requirements
  • No integral overflow weir
  • Serviceability
  • Raked Bar Screen with 4 to 12 mm spacing
  • Screen frame and bars manufactured from 304 stainless steel electro-polished
  • Screen comb manufactured from polypropylene
  • Flow rate: 400 1/sec/m2 (effective screening area) (10 gallons/sec/ft2)
  • Velocity through screen: 0.9 m/sec. (3 ft/sec)
  • Screen drive is via a double acting hydraulic cylinder mounted above the screen, manufactured in 304 stainless steel and chrome plated, with self sealing end seals.  Rod diameter: 25 mm (1.0 inch)  Body diameter: 50 mm (2.0 inch)
  • Directional control is achieved via solenoid operated directional control valves coupled to two pressure switches.
  • Operation pressure at 735 psi
  • Pressure relief valve set at 1102 psi
  • Minimum operating pressure for hydraulic pump at 588 psi
  • Hydraulic oil is biodegradable synthetic vegetable type
Kusters Water CSO Screen Product Bulletin Kusters Water CSO Screen Product Bulletin
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