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ProTechtor™ Perforated Plate Filter Screen »

The Kusters Water Perforated Plate Filter Screen eliminates operational disruptions caused by fibrous and other inorganic material. Depending on the perforated panel, the screened material is 3 to 5 times greater compared to a bar screen with an opening of 20 mm.
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ProTechtor™ Internally Fed Drum Screen »

Influent to the drum is controlled by means of various inlet pipe designs, based on the type of material processed and flow rate required, which distribute the influent over a large area of the drum to ensure efficient use of the drum open area.
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ProTechtor™ In Channel Perforated Drum Screen »

Suitable for treating flow rates up to 50 mgd per screen, the in channel perforated rotary drum screens are used to improve the suspended solids capture rate in wastewater treatment plants from the typical 10-20% range of course bar screens to the 60-80% range.
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ProTechtor™ Multi-Rake Bar Screen »

The Kusters Water Multi-Rake Bar Screen was developed to solve the most demanding problems associated with wastewater pre-treatment. Kusters Water improved the basic design of conventional bar screens to offer a unique product to meet the ever increasing process needs of end users.
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ProTechtor™ Screenings Washer Compactor »

The Kusters Water wash compactor is synonymous with hygienic and efficient handling of screenings. Screening disposal is a cost factor for every installation; wet screenings are heavy and increase disposal costs.
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ProTechtor™ XGT Vortex Grit Removal System »

Kusters Water has been directly involved in the design, manufacture, supply, start up and testing of the XGT vortex grit removal technology since 1984.
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ProTechtor™ Traveling Grit & Grease Bridge »

The highly reliable Traveling Grit & Grease Bridge is available in a variety of designs to meet plant specific needs. Kusters Water is the leader in Traveling Grit & Grease Bridge technology.
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ProTechtor™ Grit Washer »

The Kusters Water grit washer was developed with two aims in mind: To achieve a very high separation performance of the finest grit particles and to achieve grit with < 3% total volatile solids.
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CSO Screen »

The Waste Tech CSO screen is designed with 4 mm mechanically cleaned bar spacings to prevent floatables bypassing the screen and retaining the solids which pass on to the wastewater treatment plant. This low cost, low maintenance CSO screen is a guaranteed solution to pollution of our waterways, rivers, canals, streams, and lakes.
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ProTechtor™ Static Screen (HTWS) »

Kusters Water offers a complete line of factory built static screens. Every screen is designed to provide trouble free liquid separation.
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ProTechtor™ Headworks Complete Plant (HCP) »

The Kusters Water HCP unit provides a total headworks solution for small and large facilities. The raw influent flow undergoes a series of pre-treatment processes including: Fine Screening, grit collection, grease collection and conveying.
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Spiral Screw Screen »

Kusters Water offers a complete line of in channel or in-tank screening systems. Each unit utilizes a perforated plate or v-wire screen section to effectively remove unwanted solids and debris from the influent.
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ProTechtor™ Centerflow Band Screen »

The Kusters Water ProTechtor™ Centerflow Band Screen, with its vertical orientation, is an excellent alternative to applications with limited footprint and headspace. Influent flow enters the screen in the middle of the screen frame, and is positively screened as the flow transitions from the inside and passes through the traveling perforated filter belt through the sides and bottom.
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ProTechtor™ Climber Style Screen »

3/16” to 4” openings. Up to 12 ft wide and 75 ft deep channels. 304 and 316 stainless steel materials of construction. Pin Rack or Gear Rack Design.
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ProTechtor™ Grit Classifiers »

Kusters Water Grit Classifiers utilize carefully sized settling hoppers to provide accurate surface settling rates. The hopper is attached to a discharge screw assembly to remove the settled and washed grit.
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ProTechtor™ Circular Grit Collectors »

Kusters Water Grit Collectors are available in sizes ranging from 8 ft to 40 ft in diameter.

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