Spiral Blade Clarifier Systems (HBPS-S)

Kusters Water spiral blade clarifiers are commonly used in primary and secondary clarification. The logarithmic spiral curve and deep blades provide a more effective means of sludge transport. Variable rotational speeds are recommended to allow for optimizing sludge removal and overall clarifier performance.

Bridge Supported Spiral Blade Clarifier (BSTT-S)

Bridge Supported Clarifiers are offered in sizes ranging from 5' to 80' diameter. Primary, Secondary and Final clarification are typical applications. Every unit includes a worm or spur gear drive unit designed in accordance with the current AGMA standards to ensure the absolute highest quality and a minimum 20 year service life.

Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure
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