Tapered Header Suction Clarifiers (HBMS)

Kusters Water rapid sludge removal clarifiers are specifically designed to provide quick  and uniform removal of return activated sludge (RAS), MODEL HBMS collectors utilize a rotating tapered sludge collection header and manifold assembly to remove activated sludge. Settled solids are collected through orifices located along the full length of the header. Varying orifice size and spacing are computer generated to provide the desired velocities throughout the entire assembly. Suction is typically provided by direct connection of the return activated sludge pumps to a central draw-off manifold at the tank bottom. An optional rake arm opposite the sludge header is available to collect any remaining solids. Sludge headers are offered in either single or dual configurations.

Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure
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