Suction Lift Clarifiers (HBSL)

Kusters Water rapid sludge removal clarifiers are specifically designed to provide quick  and uniform removal of return activated sludge (RAS), MODEL HBSL collectors utilize collection pipes located at multiple points along each arm. Suction generated by a differential head developed from the partially submerged return sludge well located at the center of the clarifier. Each collection pipe is equipped with a return flow variator that controls the rate of sludge return and provides a visual indicator of the quality of RAS. Every pipe discharges into the rotating center return sludge well, then by gravity exits through a vertical steel pipe located inside the center pier. The size and quality of pipes are selected according to the RAS flow rates.

Suction Lift Clarifiers (HBSL-S)

Model HBSL-S, featuring vertical draft tubes and rotating sludge collection troughs. Available in stainless, galvanized or painted steel construction.

Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure
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