Standard Scraper Clarifiers (HBPS)

Pier supported scraper clarifiers are designed for all applications involving sludge removal. Flow enters through the center pier then discharges through outlet ports located at the top of the center column into either a controlled energy inlet or feedwell. The energy inlet / feedwell dissipates the influent energy, minimizes density currents and enhances settling. Solids are collected at the bottom of the basin and raked to a collection sump located in the tank floor. The clarified effluent exits over the weir plates and out of the basin.

Bridge Supported Scraper Clarifiers

Bridge Supported clarifiers are offered in sizes ranging from 5' to 80' diameter. Primary, Secondary and Final clarification are typical applications. Every unit includes a worm or spur gear drive unit designed in accordance with the current AGMA standards to ensure the absolute highest quality and a minimum 20 year service life.

Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure Kusters Water Clarifier and Thickener Brochure
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