ACAT Screw Press

Fully Automatic Dewatering
The sludge is treated with polymer and continuously supplied to the screw press. Perfect conditions for dewatering can be achieved with the effective control of flocculation.

Easy Operation
Due to the low output speed and the high torque, the screw press is able to stop at any time and is ready to restart without the need of cleaning or flushing.

Easy Maintenance
The only wearing part at the screw press is the seal between the microstrainer and the screw.

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  • Safe and fully automatic operation
  • Continuous dewatering system
  • Low noise level <60dB(A)
  • Low wear (speed <2 rpm)
  • High durability
  • Multiple flanged microstrainer
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance purposes
  • Very low electrical drive Hp
  • Stainless steel construction
ACAT Screw Press ACAT Screw Press
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