Partnership Formed With Applied Chemicals Application Technology (ACAT)

Kusters Water, a division of Kusters Zima Corporation, today announced it has executed an exclusive marketing agreement with Applied Chemicals Application Technology (ACAT) Located in Vienna, Austria. Under the agreement, Kusters Water will be the exclusive marketer of ACAT screw press within USA, Canada, and Mexico, handling the marketing, sales, distribution, installation, and servicing of the equipment. 

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ISO 9001 Certification

January 2016

Kusters Zima Corporation is pleased to announce it has successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates Kusters Zima Corporation’s compliance to the ISO 9001:2008, a set of guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization. These standards outline a philosophy of quality management. When applied well, the practices yield error-free products and services and result in high levels of customer satisfaction

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