Quick Change Applicator Overflow System

Application Systems
Printing and Dyeing Ranges

  • Contact-free dye liquor film application during the dyeing process
  • Contact-free dye liquor  lm application on printed carpet
  • Continuous process-specific adjustment of liquor application volume
  • High reproducibility with PC controlled recipe administration, temperature controlled dye liquor feeding system and automatic liquor application synchronised with production speed
  • Low maintenance thanks to stainless steel execution

Additional Systems

  • Pumping and heating systems for fl ow and temperature control
  • Dosing and dispensing systems in conventional and automatic version

QCA-2 / QCA-4 Applicators

  • Type-2 / Type-4 named for the number of dye feeding systems
  • Regular liquor distribution over the entire fabric width by special doctor blade
  • Minimal loss of dye liquor by automatic width control
  • Quick color change during production with integrated color change system
  • Minimal loss of carpet and dye-stuff due to small system volume
  • Enhanced productivity with continuous dye liquor preparation system lnstaColor

Pick-up Applicator

  • Applicator for basic lines with small capacities
  • Pick-up roller controlled by revolution to control amount of dye liquor
  • Doctor blade lifting system controls beginning and ending of dye liquor flow
  • Usable for dye and chemical liquors (like thickener)

Working width:  up to 5200 mm

Minimum application width:  3000 mm

Dye delivery pumps:  300-400%

Liquid pumps:  50-500 1/min

Warenbreite:  bis zu 5200 mm

Mindestauftragsbreite:  3000 mm

Flottenauftrag:  300-400%

Flottenpumpen:  50-500 1/min

Kusters Carpet Quick Change Applicator Overflow System Information Sheet Kusters Carpet Quick Change Applicator Overflow System Information Sheet
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