Premium Repeatable Quality
Machined parts and their tolerance requirements, which need to be adhered to, are much stricter today than ever before.

The ability to offer customers consistent premium quality parts with repeatability by using computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment as an affordable cost-effective solution is essential in today’s market.

We offer a full machining department specializing in machined components and parts delivered on a just-in-time basis. Equipped with everything from CNC Vertical Milling and Turning Centers to manual processes of milling, lathe turning, O.D. polishing and drilling.

Our machinists, supported by dedicated team leaders and process engineers, take pride in their ability to produce the high quality components our customers require.

Equipped with a variety of CNC and manual machines, we are able to assist with machining needs with everything from long-term project s to emergency parts and repairs requiring immediate attention. The use of conventional and new technologies help us in creating precise parts for many different industries.

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