Kusters Water Announces CSO Technik Agreement

Kusters Water, a division of Kusters Zima Corporation, today announced it has executed an exclusive marketing agreement with CSO Technik Ltd. Located in the United Kingdom, CSO Technik provides pollution solutions in the fields of Air Pollution Control, Waste Water Treatment, and Anaerobic Digestion. Under the agreement, Kusters Water will be the exclusive marketer of CSO Technik’s Terminodour system within USA, Canada, and Mexico, handling the marketing, sales, distribution, installation, and servicing of the equipment.

“We are pleased to announce our agreement with CSO Technik and look forward to working on representing them throughout North America. The addition of the CSO Technik products to our existing product line is a strategic fit.” Stated Jim Weidler, Director of Sales for Kusters Water. “The CSO products will be well received within the market as there is a need for better odor control technologies. Whereas other systems extract and treat odors, the Terminodour system is unique in that it oxides the odor at the point of the source. We are excited to bring this superior technology to market.”


ABOUT CSO TECHNIK | www.csotechnik.com

Based in Edenbridge UK, CSO Technik is a privately owned limited company providing solutions in the fields of Air Pollution Control, Waste Water Treatement, and Anaerobic Digestion. CSO Technik manufactures a range of equipment in their own right and distributes the complimentary products and services of its national and international partners.


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